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If you are looking to heal i.e. your mind, body and soul, Homoeopathy is your answer.

Similia Homoeopathic Clinic is a rapidly growing health care center in Delhi & NCR. Its approach is entirely different and unique for treating patient's disease.

Dr. Madan is behind Similia Homoeopathic Clinic, He done BHMS with distinction from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College, during internship, he was among the top few in both academic accomplishments as well as extra curricular activities. Patients recognize him as a good listener and compassionate doctor, he takes time to listen to his patients and encourage them to take an active role in the healing process. He addresses each patient as a unique whole, taking all aspects of their lives into consideration. He uses multi disciplinary approach of homoeopathy and other complementary therapies to treat the person 'whole'.

Dr. Madan Kumar says that homoeopathic treatment offers the most safe and natural solution to chronic diseases such as respiratory problems, abdominal, skin and psychiatric disorders.

  • Treating Patients from Last 10 Years
  • Painless Process of Treatment
  • No Exposure from Potent Chemicals.
  • Holistic Approach
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Dr. Madan Kumar - B.H.M.S, MD (HOM)
Homoeopathic Doctor
Ailments & Treatments

Your Gateway To Great Health From Homoeopathic Treatments

Skin Allergies Treatment

Asthma Treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

Insomnia / Sleep Disorder Management

Depression / Anxiety Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

List of All Treatments We Provide
  • 1 Is Homoeopathy safe with other modes of treatment?

    Yes. It is absolutely safe to continue medicines you are currently being prescribed. There is no harm in taking supplements or medications you are dependent on, during the course of the treatment. However, non-essential drugs may be weaned off or gradually discontinued as improvement sets in.

  • 2 Does Homoeopathy work on the placebo effect?

    No. Though few critics would like to believe so, homeopathic medicines definitely have the ability to cure by producing a curative effect.

  • 3 Does homoeopathy cure completely?

    Yes. However our success rate depends on the extent to which structural or pathological changes have taken place and the nature of the disease.

  • 4 What is the duration of the treatment?

    Majority of curable cases can be treated within 3 to 12 months, depending on the disease condition. It is practically impossible to predict a precise period as an individual’s response as well as the extent to which the condition has progressed varies significantly.

  • 5 Why does homoeopathy take a long time to treat?

    It is a myth that homoeopathy is slow acting. Most of the times what happens is that patient comes to us with long history of chronic illness. Therefore the treatment takes time. Homoeopathy is in fact fast acting in acute conditions such as fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.

  • 6 Do homoeopathic medicines have side effects?

    Our medicines are energy. They are prepared by serial dilutions and contain no material substance in them. Hence, no side effects.

  • 7 Why should there be a gap before and after the intake of the medicine?

    You have to keep the medicine on the tongue so that it comes in contact with the nerves. That is the reason why we say not to eat anything half an hour before or after. So that the tongue has nothing else that will interfere with the absorption of the medicine.

  • 8 Are individuals with the same medical condition prescribed the same homoeopathic remedy?

    Not necessarily. Two individuals having the same medical diagnosis may not necessarily have same or similar signs and symptoms. For e.g. two individuals may have the same medical diagnoses of pharangitis (sore throat). However, if one has a sensation of burning in the throat and the other has a sensation of rawness, different remedies may be indicated. Therefore Homeopathy is definitely individualistic.

  • 9 I have few more questions, I want to ask?

    Of Course, You can ask as many questions as you want before taking treatment and the best way to ask questions through our email id Once you send your questions email, you will receive reply within 24 hours.

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Akanksha Prashar

Google Review

My Pcos is cured thanks to the doctor.

Narender Verma

Google Review

Nice advice and giving precautions related to disease. I followed this. I am surprised to see amazing cure. Thanks a lots to Similia Homeopathy.

nupur soeny

Google Review

dr. madan is such a great, humble father suffer from a long time with his hand infection..after wasting lots of money on allopathy,ayurvedic medicine my dad's hand is in better better condition now ....thankyou

Subhash Chaudhary

Justdial Verified

Dr Madan is the best Homeopath I ever met at Badarpur. A classical Homeopathic Prescriber best for Chronic and Acute cases. He had treated me like a family doctor so kind and honest. Thanks to Justdial. Similia Homeopathic clinic is blessed.


Justdial Verified

Dr. Madan Kumar is incredible, not only has he taken great care of my skin, but also he is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It's rare to find a doctor that care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming his patient!

Mritunjay Kumar Jha

Justdial Verified

Doctor madan is a good doctor, he always understand the patients problem deeply. Also makes you understand the dosage of medicine personally . Medicines are quite effective also. Thank you doctor for having such patients concern.

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Homoeopathy Have Many Health Benefits & Healing Power